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Scott Jenkins

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About Scott

What he’s been up to recently

Scott started his musical career at a very early age, at just 2 years old, he could have been caught next to his father on the electric organ, learning the melody line whilst his father played the pedals and chords, and slowly, as time passed on, ended up pushing him off to take over the whole thing himself.

At age 7, Scott started having keyboard lessons, and it wasn't till he was 12, he picked up a sax, which shows that he was never born with a saxophone in his mouth, contrary to popular belief.

After having several lessons with his then teacher, Paul Williams, Scott got in to Jazz, or the Jazz got in to Scott. At the age of 14, he joined KYJO (Kent Youth Jazz Orchestra), which highly pushed his learning curve in jazz, getting him into Funk, Fusion, Big Band, Latin, Rock, you name it, as long as there was jazz, it was in.

At 18, Scott start leading IJO (The Invicta Jazz Orchestra), which originally belonged to Mick. This lead him along the path of Big Band composition and arranging, which was an avenue that he was interested in, and still to this day, conducts and scores for the band.

After 3 years at Middlesex University studying a Bachelor in Arts Music (Jazz), and under the direction of great musicians such as Rob Townsend, Stuart Hall, and Nikki Iles, Scott moved back to Kentwhere he took on work with Loose Change, a regular gigging International touring function band, which filled up most his weekends, and with his week days free, he took on a job at Sax.co.uk, where he still is today.

Nowadays, Scott is still working with Loose Change, along with other function bands, such as The Big Kahuna, and Fat Belly Jones. And in between them, he playes in Big Band such as Ben Beddoes Big Band, Jazz Project Big Band. He also has his own jazz quintet, Swagger, and sax quartet, Rac-a-saX. When nobody is looking, Scott likes to dabble on the bass guitar and can be spotted at the back, accompanying the members of El Banda Burros.

Scott would like to further his performing career by playing as a solo act. Find out more >>