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Scott Jenkins


Below are videos and pictures of Scott  performing various covers of popular songs on the saxophone with various different bands and his employer ‘Sax.co.uk’.

The above videos and photos show that nowadays, Scott is still working with Loose Change, along with other function bands, such as The Big Kahuna, and Fat Belly Jones. And in between them, he playes in Big Band such as Ben Beddoes Big Band, Jazz Project Big Band. He also has his own jazz quintet, Swagger, and sax quartet, Rac-a-saX. When nobody is looking, Scott likes to dabble on the bass guitar and can be spotted at the back, accompanying the members of El Banda Burros.

Scott has done a variety of different work, with such likings as Derek Nash, Snake Davis, Rick Waller, Kingley Ronald, and that's only to mention a few.


If you want to find more about Scott then follow the link below: